Dirt Rag HT Review

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Big thanks to Dirt Rag magazine, Karen Brooks and test rider Sean Methven for taking the time to review the Superco Charger in issue #149.


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Mountain Flyer's coverage of Grassroots-Cycles 2010 Ranchstyle Jam, Grand Junction Colorado.

Ranchstyle CO

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Dylan chillin'.

Warming Up in Alpine, UT

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Tammy Jimmy (at 39.5 yrs old!) Turman

The White Fox

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Check out the impressive custom detailing Kona Joe from Ray's MTB did on Tamara Peloquin's Charger!!

Here's what she had to say about the ride:

Top 5 things I LOVE about my new SuperCo SnowWhite Charger...
5 - It is so light!
4 - It is SO light - seriously, she just fly's off the lips!
3 - I feel faster on the ground and more in control up in the air!
2 - After riding her for only 2 weeks I feel my jumping has improved significantly, she gives me perm-a-grin!
1 - Hand built with love, quality and care from someone who truly understands the joy of riding bikes!

Awesome Tammyland

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Regional premieres of the Awesome Land: Women of Dirt video are making their way across the globe. You can also order a copy of the Superco sponsored DVD here.

More DIRT!

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"You guys are crazy having your downhill race bike tested on one of Moab's most epic shuttle trails in the dead heat of summer!"

For a behind the scenes look at the insanity that transpired the day Steve Jones and Jane Bentley risked their lives for the Silencer review found in DIRT's issue #92, and more of their stunning photos from that epic Hazard County ride, check out Terry's article in the UK magazine's issue #98, April 2010.

Ranchsytle 2010

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We're headed to the third annual Ranchstyle Jam in Grand Junction Colorado April 23 - 25.

Silencer and HTs will be available for test rides. The SuperSquad will be in full effect, including Tammy Donahugh holding clinics for the ladies.

Early registration is recommended by the folks at Grassroots Cycles who organize the event and can be found online through the Ranchstyle link above.

See you there!

Heeeeeere's Jonny!

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Jonathan F from the UK getting the job done on his Satellite.

He's been on the bike for two years now. "Love every minute riding it. Suprisingly it still looks as good as the day it arrived, just a few little scrapes."


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Through generous assistance from the invaluable Bermin' Turman, the SuperCo facebook page is all sorted. Join the fan club today!


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New HT colors, price and XL geo on the Bikes page.

Our exclusive US hardtail dealers, Thick Bikes, Go-Ride and The Fix Bikes can now be found through the Contact page. We continue to sell frames direct to customers but you now have the option of purchasing one through these fine shops. They can also help you build up your complete Superco bike.

The Silencer will be at Ray's along with the SuperCrew February 20 & 21 2010.

Wake'ing up in Australia

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Ben took the big leap and he's now the proud owner of the first Superco in Australia.

"Only had a couple of rides at the local BMX track so far, but I'm already loving it. I felt comfortable straight away and already manualed through a rhythm section I've never got close to before." He followed up shortly after with this: "I've had more rides now and I just get this stupid smile on my face every time. The short wheelbase and chainstays make spins and manuals so easy...I'm so happy with it." Cheers Ben!


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Awesome Land: Women of Dirt.

Pac NW in the house!

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Welcome to the SuperSquad Dylan Bibbins.

Photos courtesy of Cory Tepper

Crisp Satellite

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Cliff-hucking icon and Go-Ride's resident leprechaun, Kris "Krispy" Baughman picked up a Superco Satellite last year. He tells us it's helped him make vast improvements to his park riding. Which must be one of the only two-wheeled discipline's in which he doesn't naturally excel.

HT review from Dirt

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Elliot Eveson is Dirt UK's DJ specialist and he had a few things to say about the Superco Charger.

Shreddy Ray's III

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We are proud sponsors of the third annual women's weekend at Ray's MTB February 19 - 21 2010. Click here for information on the event: XOXO!.

The new rhythm room will be open to gents on Friday February 19th while the dames get the rest of the place to themselves until 4p when the whole park then opens to everyone for the rest of the weekend.

See you there!


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Tamboggan Donahugh featured on Martha Hucker and in the upcoming Bones Over Metal video.


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Clearcoat HTs coming down the line.


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Coverage of some good times on Mountain Flyer Magazine.

Prehistoric BMX

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Auto racing historian, former race car owner/team manager and longtime friend of Terry's uncle, Roy C. Morris sent over these great shots from his youth, c.1948

Racer Roy writes, "I had a football helmet that was the latest thing at the time. It was all leather in tan and black but I wanted to look like the racing drivers of that era who wore Cromwell helmets, surplus WW II aviation goggles, and a handkerchief or mask to protect their faces from dirt clods. I painted the helmet blue and white, added aviation goggles, and the handkerchief."

Roy and friends raced on the track he set up on an open field a mile from his West Los Angeles home. He admits he preferred the oval style tracks while others went for what would become known decades later as a typcial BMX style track with jumps and berms.

And we thought it all started with that old Stingray...

Vital Visit

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Click here * for Vital video goodness.



Photos by D.oc

Magazine Rack

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When you're at the newsstand picking up DIRT 92 for the Silencer review, you might also want to pick up issue #145 of DIRT RAG for a sweet interview with Superco riders Jimmy and Tammy Donahugh about their backyard jumps.

Photos generously provided by Kevin Shiramizu

Tammy recently finished up shooting for an upcoming Bones Over Metal video. They do nice work so it should be sweet. We'll keep you posted with it's release.


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Truly an honor to have DIRT'S review of the Silencer in the same issue celebrating Steve Peat's big win.

Pick up DIRT #92 before it sells out.

Congratulations Peaty!

J'ammy by TVO

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Jimmy and Tammy Donahugh, at home and the Ranchstyle.

Photos generously provided by Ted Van Orman. Check out more of his exceptional work here and here.

Bermin Turman's on a roll

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We were so preoccupied in recent months getting the back-ordered material in that had been delaying frame production, we overlooked posting up this very sweet flyer for the post-Crankworx Colorado jump jam co-organized by SuperCo Charger rider Brandon Turman.

Now the Mustache Ride has come and gone but evidence of the shred can be found here: Click for VITALity.

Turman at the 2009 US National Championships

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Photo courtesy of Chris Fehn.

US National Champs at Sol Vista

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The shop crew is immersed in production now that the back-ordered material we'd been waiting for was received. They'll be staying home to continue production on another run of hardtails and the highly anticipated downhill bike.

The front office is headed to the 2009 US National Champs at Sol Vista this weekend (Jul 17, 18 & 19) to cheer on BRANDON TURMAN, Geoff Ulmer and Jason Memmelaar along with anyone else who's name and kit we know. (We sure wish Leif "LL Cool Tree" Lorenzen was on that list. Next year buddy, factory.)

We'll have HT and DH bikes with us this weekend so if there's time we'll be offering test runs. It's a busy race weekend with a guest rider lining up to race the Silencer so we'll have to play it by ear. Hope to see you there!

Markus's Marauder

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Our thrift-conscious friend Lisa picked up several kids bikes at garage sales looking for something to get her 3-year-old son onto pedals. He's already dropping into the big bowl at the local skate park on his balance bike but he wouldn't touch the bikes his mom was bringing home.

Doc performed minor surgery on one of the many rejects and Markus is now a happy pedaler.

With custom Doc Bars no less!

litter "mega"zine for life

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Congratulations Gordo Spomseca and the whole littermag crew! Well deserved promotion.

Good Times at Ray's

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Quinton from NYC - 20" shredder adapting quickly to the Satellite and Charger.

Tammy from Berthoud.

Brandon from Golden - I think we missed the timing on this one. Sorry B!

Turman's Charger

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Brandon Turman is the newest member of the SuperColorado squad with his recent Charger acquisition. Here's a shot of his bike and comments on the ride: "SuperCo NAILED it with this gorgeous bike. The Charger is hands down the nicest ride I have ever owned. The geometry is dialed - it spins, flips, and boosts so easily. It's simple, solid, and quiet, and for a dirt/skatepark/street machine, I couldn't ask for more. Also, the fact that it is handmade really stands out; a quick glance at the welds is enough to see that Doc put his heart into it! This is a bike I'll be on for many years to come. Well done SuperCo."

Photo courtesy of Dieder Barrick.

Silencer Guest Rider

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Geoff Ulmer competed in his first DH race west of the Mississippi River in February as Superco's guest rider on the Silencer. The Mob in Mojave race at Bootleg Canyon was also Ulmer's first time back on a DH bike after surgery and 5 long months of rehab and a treacherous Northeast winter. With just a few practice runs Ulmer was back up to speed and absolutely thrilled with the performance of the Silencer. Thank you Geoff for being our guinea pig! We look forward to seeing you in the Rocky Mountains for more racing this summer.


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C U @ Ray's

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We'll be at Ray's Indoor Mtn Bike Park in Cleveland, OH February 20 - 22. Be sure to check Ray's website for more details about Friday's (2/20/09) special event for female riders.


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Litter "Mega"zine caught up with Superco during a test session at Bootleg Canyon. Their report includes audio from Doc explaining some of the tech behind the design in greater detail.

Riding is Believing

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Ray's Indoor MTB Park in Cleveland Ohio is now offering the option of these two Superco's to choose from in their rental fleet.

The Satellite (24") and Charger (26") were built up with the generous support from RockShox/Avid, Deity and Atomlab. Thank you Brian, Eric and Mike! Additional thanks to Ray for all you do to keep your winter oasis going. We look forward to seeing you and your crew Feb 20 - 22.

(Please refer to the demo/rental rules and regulations on Ray's MTB website for details on how you can check out the Superco's on your next visit to Ray's.)

Island Fun

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CJ on his Charger in Hawaii:

His notes on the ride: "It's a bike you can go big or small on and enjoy the smoothness it provides in all aspects of the ride. The funnest bike I have ever owned!"

Prototype in Testing

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Many thanks for the overwhelming and enthusiastic response around the globe over the release of our DH proto. Thanks also to DIRT and Ridemonkey for giving us the opportunity to answer some technical questions about the bike at this early stage.

We're looking forward to rigorous testing over the next several months and making this bike available mid 2009. In the time since the initial pictures were released some new parts have come in and the weight has dropped by 83.9g. The complete bike as pictured here is now 37.9lb (17.2kg).

A few specs:
9 inch rising rate travel from 9.5” x 3” shock
True Temper Supertherm double butted 4130 tubing
Frame weight: 9.8 pounds with Avalanche 9.5 x 3 shock, 450 lb Ti spring, rear axle, floating brake mount
Complete bike weight as pictured: 37.9 pounds
Head angle: 63.5 deg
BB height: 13.5 inch
Chainstay: 16.5 inch
Wheelbase: 46.2 inch

First Superco DH Proto Premieres on DIRT

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Get the exclusive on the DH bike at Dirt Magazine.

Don't forget with the holidays coming up that Superco hardtails, t-shirts and sticker kits make great gifts for the whole family.


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Getting her shred on at the 2nd Annual Beerthoud J'ammy Jam.

Photo by Brandon Turman - Shredder, Organizer, Mechanical Engineer, Blogger, etc.


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Who's the stealthiest of them all?

Mr. Spomer's Charger.

"World's dopest whip."

Mr. Donahugh's XL Charger.

"The bike is light, flickable, pops with the slightest of ease. Inspires confidence on all riding situations from the most techy jump lines to BIG booters. It's fast, smooth, responsive and extremely compliant, smoothing out the worst cased double you could imagine. In just a few rides the bike starts to feel like an extension of your body."

Professor Williams

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Von teaching Tammy's Charger how to flip:

Factory Team Member, Tammy Donahugh

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Earning keep on the Charger in Moab.

IB08 DirtTV

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Doc talks about the hardtails on DIRTtv.


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We got our first snow today and the initial Superco DH prototype is nearing completion. As you can see it has a linkage driven shock and the frame is constructed with True Temper Supertherm 4130 tubing.


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Interbike was productive and fun. Enjoyed meeting people, catching up with old friends and personally thanking the generous folks who were helpful in getting a few projects off the ground. (Magura, Atomlab and SRAM to name a few.)

We were fortunate to be graced by the presence of good friend and fellow handcraft frame-builder Landon from Tonic Fabrications.
Sky Tonic:

Many thanks to Tammy Donahugh for all her help in the blazing hot sun at the Outdoor and for keeping us in check throughout the week. Here's Tammy at the Park City dirt jumps during the IMBA summit, first time back on the bike after breaking both elbows.

Kat Call

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Doc, product testing in Berthoud.

Jose "LB" Tejada, Satellite-ing over Boonies

Tammy Donahugh, Xing up at Tanner.

Interbike 2008

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We'll be at the Bootleg Canyon dirt jumps Monday Sept 22 from 2p to 6p and Tuesday Sept 23, 11a to 4p. Come ride a Superco!

Von Some More

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Mr. Williams on an easy Sunday morning.


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Von Williams is one of the more talented riders out there. His exquisite blend of trials and park skills made him one of the stronger more influential riders in the formative years of freestyle mtn bike comps. It was humbling when the elite rider who continues to shred with epic flow showed up at Superco to buy a bike. Exhilerating to watch him ride it!

Von's bike:

Von's notes: "It's hard to argue with a bike that the first time you ride out the shop door you manual for about 100 feet without touching your brakes. Only to find out in the park and on the dirt jumps it's equally easy to ride. The perfect balance of solid feel combined with the slight forgiveness of steel. Pure joy to ride. The XL frame provides a nice roomy top tube for taller riders, also making bar-spins and x-ups a possibility with plenty of toe clearance for my size 11's"

Single, 24, likes to go big...

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Nabach's rig,

Nabach's quote, "Best bike evah!"

Most Valuable Player

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Mario "Lucky" R was MVP in the team effort that recovered Doc's stolen Hitman a while back. He is also the proud owner of the first Charger in NYC. "The bike rides marvelously. As close to a BMX as you can get on 26" wheels."

First in the UK

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Back in March the first Superco to hit the UK was a Satellite going to Jonny F. "Still can't believe how good the bike rides. Nobody has gotten on it and wanted to stop riding it."

Check out the lowered and polished Marzocchi 4X WC, nice!

Aloha Satellite

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Mason C from Hawaii says: "The frame is suprisingly lightweight and has a super clean look that I really dig. Its stiffness and small size makes for a snappy and responsive ride that is tons of fun."


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Superco t-shirts are here!

Mens cut: 100% cotton, light weight (4.5oz), pre-shrunk, small logo on front, big logo on back. $20.00USD.

Womens: 98% cotton/2%spandex, even lighter weight (4.oz), small logo on front, big logo on back. $22.00USD.
Call or email us to place an order.

With love from Japan

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Kimihiko-M was one of our first customers when the production hardtails were released at the beginning of the year. He sent along a photo of his Charger all built up along with a few nice words about the ride.
"The Charger is so light and stiff, I am so exited every ride. And I don’t ride other bikes. I only ride Charger now."

Decals and the Landscape

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We have sticker kits available for $12.00USD. 6 decals per kit, 2 long, 2 mid and 2 shorties. Available in Red, Black, White and Blue.

Call or write us to place an order.

The link to our history is back by popular demand (and a reference to it in DIRT #77) Click red text throughout the page for photos:LANDSCAPE

T-shirts coming soon!

For the love of DIRT!

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We are thrilled to announce our very first print feature is in DIRT magazine from the UK. You can find the article in Issue #77, on the stands now. Sneak peek here: DIRT UK, Thank you DIRT and crew!

As our first year in business draws to a close, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who took a chance on the new company as you go in the history books as Superco's first customers. Whether you were new to Doc's work or a longtime fan - from Japan, UK, Canada and throughout the United States, we thank you all!

Another round of thanks goes out for the spectacular local support we continue to receive from folks here in Utah and neighboring Colorado.

Full suspension prototypes are slowly making their way from the drawing board to the welding table. The gestation period for Doc's new bikes might seem unbearable to those of you anxious to see what he has in store. Rest assured, we're still on schedule to have them tested by the end of summer and into production shortly after.

Several months ago we made our first visit to Ray's Indoor Mtn Bike Park in Cleveland Ohio. Here's a little video to remind us of the fun to be had there during snowy winter months:

Doc, Tammy Donahugh, Von "vdub" Williams and Gale Dahlager are rockin' the Superco's.